Lil Dish Is Here To Serve You with Some Lively Hip Hop Tracks

Lil Dish Is Here To Serve You with Some Lively Hip Hop Tracks

Hip hop is the most realistic musical genre existing in today’s world. The hip hop artists, with their songs, have always been portraying the real situations around. At its inception, this genre was all about creating social awareness and revolting against the upper class of the society with the songs. When time passed by, the thematic base of the genre remained same – only the artists started making the tracks with their own life experiences. Lil Dish is one of such progressive rappers of this era. He has been into the music scenario for just a short period. But for his amazing talent of creating music, his career graph is always going up. If you are a hip hop admirer, then do not miss out his tracks on Soundcloud.

Lil Dish is not only an artist but also a sport enthusiast. He is a professional basketball player. But his love towards music especially hip hop is immense. This dedication for music led him towards making some mind boggling tracks for the hip hop lovers. Lil Dish is a person who literally enjoys creating music and this enjoyment brings forth the perfection within his creations. He puts his personal experiences of life into his creations. That’s why each of his creations is so very lively. His recent album released on Soundcloud is “Lil Dish” - all three songs of this album talks about his life, his routine, his game. This album is his first public appearance. And in his first singles he has succeeded too create the buzz in the music industry.

When we think about hip hop, the first thematic thing that comes into our mind is truth. And nothing can be better if the artists can comply with this. Lil Dish, being a new comer in the hip hop scenario, is making the perfect justice for hip hop. Listen to his tracks on Soundcloud. 

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