Boggle Your Mind with The Prodigious Hip Hop Tracks of Steve Woodz

Boggle Your Mind with The Prodigious Hip Hop Tracks of Steve Woodz

Hip hop and rap is a classic genre of music. It came into existence long back in late ’70s with a cultural revolution when the backward class wanted their upliftment. They started making music which used to contain some societal messages along with hitting the upper class of the society. With time, this musical genre achieved huge fame worldwide and became the most trending genre. The musicians who devoted their life for making hip hop what it is today, Steve Woodz is one of them. Along with writing lyrics for the songs, he raps and also produces songs. The versatility of Steve Woodz has given him a prominent place in the hip hop and the music world.

Steve Woodz is a young hip hop phenomenon who is taking the hip hop and rap game into the next level of success. This rapper is a deadly combination of northern and southern hip hop swag. That’s why his songs are utterly enriching the music industry with a rare feel. The hip hop world admires Steve Woodz as a metaphor king. Each one of his songs is made to symbolize something or the other. The deep rooted meaning of the songs will drench you in sheer thoughtfulness. His songs have heavily contributed in the growth of Florida’s music scenario.

Steve Woodz has just released his all new creation “My NEw Sh**” on Soundcloud. His attractive vocal and nifty beats have made this track a zesty one. “Get Mines” has fluctuating background vocals that have made it a unique number. The reality of “I Do Not Know You” has the perfect essence of hip hop. The toughness of life is expressed in another track “Iont Trust Nobody”. Along with producing his own songs, Steve Woodz is also a producer for other musicians. Click on his Soundcloud profile link to get the hip hop vibes.

Click the hip hop album link & you enjoy it :

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