HipHop Lovers Enjoy the Story-Telling Rap tracks of Enthusiastic Artise

HipHop Lovers Enjoy the Story-Telling Rap tracks of Enthusiastic ArtiseHipHop Lovers Enjoy the Story-Telling Rap tracks of Enthusiastic Artise

The increasing appeal of hip hop and rap music is not only because of its vibrant music scores and presentation but to a great extent because of the story telling element. Not all music genres are capable to tell stories in that minimum time but hip hop. Although narration style differ from artist to artist, but all those hip hop music pieces that narrated a whole rounded story gets wider appreciation from fans. One new artist whose music pieces have witnessed immense popularity for the amazingly told stories is Artise. It would not be a wrong thing to say that Artise is one artist who has produced some amazing story-telling tracks the industry has heard in a long time. If you have yet listened to his rap tales, log on to SoundCloud and feel the difference.

Terrace Johnson aka Artise hails from United States and has grown up amidst the vibrant culture of hip hop and rap. He has high regards for other genres like country, jazz, R&B and church music. Music is his life blood and he has great respect for the art form. His narratives are influenced from his real life experience with which he wants to reach people and inspire them. His album “Album of The Year” released in 2016 has been critically acclaimed for his creative insights and perfect story telling presentation. Inspired by the grand success he has created more singles like “Diamonds”, “Pull Up”, “So Close and also a few others. He has also collaborated with other artists and producers.

Artise takes his inspiration from Tupac, Jay-Z, J Cole and others. This enigmatic artist wants to attain the fame like these celebs and he will surely do if he continues to prove his lyrical genius the way he has been doing. His latest single Way Too Much is now out on SoundCloud.


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