Nick Jonas, Camila Cabello, and Mariah Carey Welcomed 2018 with Their All-Out Performances

Nick Jonas, Camila Cabello, and Mariah Carey Welcomed 2018 with Their All-Out Performances

The subzero temperature didn’t hinder Mariah Carey, Nick Jonas, and Camilla Cabello from performing for the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve at the Times Square in NYC.

Although it is -7 degrees, the three performers defied all odds and gave everyone a good time before we say goodbye to 2017. 

Nick Jonas, a former Disney star, has been hailed as one of the best performers of the night.  He sang the all-time fan favorites like Jealous.  There was also a time when he got tangled in streamers but he was able to go on with the performance.  His all-black outfit doesn’t look warm enough that some of the crowd got concerned.  His tweet, “A little NYC soundcheck.  We’re just under 3 hours away from 2018 on the East coast.  Stay warm if you’re out there in Times Square and if you’re at home turn on your TV and tune-in to @NYRE.” proves that it is pretty cold out there.

On the other hand, Camila Cabello, who was a Fifth Harmony member heated the night with her hit song Havana.  The 20-year old singer rocked the stage and proved her vocal prowess don’t get affected by the freezing weather.  In addition, Barack Obama has chosen Havana as one of his favorite songs of 2017 which made Camila Cabello cry as stated on her tweet, “I can’t believe Obama said Havana was one of his favorite songs of the year.  I am really crying.  Oh my god.  Don’t look at me.”

And she’s back. Pop star Mariah Carey gets a second chance at performing for Rockin’ Eve due to the technical difficulties she experienced last year.  Before the performance, Carey shared her photo with a note, “Take 2. #RockinEve #NYE.”  After singing Vision of Love, Carey did Hero which she was joined by a choir.  She was singing really well that adding some melodic flourishes was not hard to do.  While singing Vision of Love, Carey blows some unexpected notes that made it even flawless.  It would be remembered that last year, during her performance of her 1991 hit single “Emotions”, she stopped which have been featured on a lot of music blogs.  She told everyone that they didn’t have a sound check which led her to blame the producers despite the of the earpiece malfunction

To sum it up, all of the performances have been outstanding and there were no procedural issues that took place.  Everyone enjoyed the night even if it’s brutally cold in the Times Square. 

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