Ephetheprot’s New Debuted Music “Fck” is Gaining Excellent Response

Ephetheprot’s New Debuted Music “Fck” is Gaining Excellent Response

Etheprophet, who is called as the savior of rap, has developed amazing fan base for his unique musicality. The song of this rockstar begins with effective bass lines. No matter how you are feeling right now, tune into his tracks and you will start feeling energetic. The tracks are fused with addictive and organic drum line. A realness of his singing continues till the end note as well. One will love listening to his songs in reputation. Being a leading vocalist, this singer has captured the attention of worldwide audiences. His voice carries some magical element that can instantly make you overwhelmed. The songs of Etheprophet are getting viral for its exclusive rhythmic beats.

The rising star has delivered a lot of hip hop tracks during these past few months. And some of them have received good notoriety from the music enthusiasts from all across the globe. “Fck” – his new debut featured by new artist Jeesh that has been released in 22nd December, 2017 is getting viral. In this song, the leading vocalist has showcased certain gravel and grit that has carried off the energy. Fans are cheering up this young musician to deliver more hip hop tracks. According to the listeners, the overall feelings after listening to “Fck” were something really energetic and groovy. There was a touch of warmth in his voice as well.

Etheprophet has again proved that the raw energy of rock and roll is alive through his singing. Moreover, his passion towards music has helped him lot in delivering some hit tracks based on hip hop. There is a poetic rhythmic nature blooming in his lyrics. Unmatchable beats, snappy snares and guitar riffs are the three major keys towards his success. This singer is rising with a feeling of possibility in his mind. However, apart from soundcloud, fans can track him in instagram and twitter. 

Are you hip hop fan? Then you must click the link : https://soundcloud.com/etheprophet/fck

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