Marcus “M-Positive” Parker announces his inspirational 7 minute documentary titled “The History of Motivational Rap”

Marcus “M-Positive” Parker announces his inspirational 7 minute documentary titled “The History of Motivational Rap”


December 2017 - Marcus “M-Positive” Parker, the founder of Motivational Rap; a movement that was initiated to bring positive messages to the world through rap music proudly announces his new 7 minute documentary titled “The History of Motivational Rap”.

The movement started in 2004 as an autobiography aimed at motivating today's teens and has now turned into an icon for all. The story was derived from a movie script that was written and produced by Marcus A. Parker. “The Product” which was converted to a movie script that Parker had no luck getting produced by Hollywood. But just like the 43-year-old certified life coach teaches others, Parker decided to make a way with what he had. He condensed the script and removed the fluff to produce a very interesting 7-minute video.

“Are you the product of a broken home, insecurity, negativity or depression? You will get inspired and uplifted regardless of your individual situation by words in this autobiographical and self help book. The Product tells the story of a young man that battled his own adversity to tried and reach goals in life”, reads the Amazon description of Parker’s first book, which initiated his journey.

The story was compiled to motivate everyone who may be going through challenges, difficulties or the other. It emphasizes the importance of staying optimistic and persistent irrespective of trouble around. Marcus transferred the book’s message’s into this new form of rap that he coins “Motivational Rap”.

Marcus’ second book titled “The Final Product” takes readers on a wild journey of over a five-year time span as Marcus goes from being one of the new hottest authors on the scene to battling with depression, death, drugs and also being indicted by the FBI. The video series gives insight to how he survived this rollercoaster ride and evolved into an independent artist with music streaming worldwide.  The documentary tells his untold story of being booed on World Star Hop Hop to creating his own show designed to spotlight others who are doing amazing things.

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