Path of Exile 3.1 Wild Strike Ideas & Feelings

Path of Exile 3.1 Wild Strike Ideas & Feelings

We all know that so many Path of Exile players are interested in Wild Strike nowadays, so I have been looking to get a Hardcore-viable Wild Strike build going and initially attempted Raider too, thanks to poe orbs from r4pg store, i findllay finished my build. It's this type of fun skill to make use of, though IMO probably the most satisfying seem (fire) and attack (cold) are reversed from what they must be (cold seems like a whiff and it has great area, fire sounds great but includes a small area and ignite is useless).

The Raider (Goathilde) does incredible damage, but I am not impressed overall using the experience at 5 links (as well as an Atziri's Splendour staying with you waiting on currency to completely link). The Raider is really a smoother leveling experience too, and did not depend around the natural scaling of spells to achieve mapping. The possible lack of reflect minimization is exactly what helped me search for other available choices. I have alternated between Ichimonji and Cospri's Malice on her behalf and am still unsure that we prefer.

The Ascendant (Koldhilde) focused an excessive amount of on tackiness and could never achieve a place where her damage with WS exceeds her damage with Frostbolt. I respec'd from Elementalist to Protector and abandoned the thought of a WS Ascendant in HC.

My Elementalist (Papirhilde) continues to be using Freezing Pulse, but should see similar DPS from Wild Strike right after she's able to utilize the Malice I've staying with you. Much as it turned out, her survivability is not considerably less than the Ascendant's was, and her DPS is all about 3-5x exactly what the Ascendant's what food was in her current level. I additionally think the Elementalist's use of crit even without power charges will work better building with Malice in your mind. We'll find out if a non-discharge Slayer Duelist build is even remotely viable inside a couple of more times of play.

Just ideas, I am going to try and adjust my path just a little but nonetheless have a sword-centric tree having seen what you have had success with! And I have another good news - you can join R4PG's Christmas and New Year Event now, I have already attended this event, you may find me on the comment areas, my name is UnctionJ :) 

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