Doliferecords’ “Stick” Gives A New Vision To Aspiring Hip Hop And Rap Artists

Doliferecords’ “Stick” Gives A New Vision To Aspiring Hip Hop And Rap Artists

With the craze of hip hop and rap music increasing every New Year, newly founded recording labels are entering the music scene bringing with them the wide opportunity for the newbie artists to flourish. With special reference to this, Doliferecords, the up and coming music label from Georgia is worth appreciating for their incredible vision of giving a platform to the artists and promoting their talents in the music arena.

“LIFE” in Doliferecords stands for Love, Infinitely and forever exiling fear which is the mission of the label and urges the young artists to express themselves and speak out loud without fear. With rock-solid goals and this overwhelming approach, Doliferecords is all set to make it to the charts by launching hidden talents, rappers across the country. This humble mission was started by three brothers Terrell, Caleb and Taree Brown amongst who Caleb Brown himself is an artist. He has dropped some amazing compositions in various music sites and has been appreciated for his innovative approach. The other two active artists of the group are Damian Bell and Arvin Ray Murray III of Shreveport Street Brothers. Their single “Stick” has not only made the duo famous but has made people believe in the dedicated approach of Doliferecords.

Speaking of Shreveport Street Brothers (SSB), perfect compatibility and flawless co-ordination defines the duo band. The style with which they perform gives no clue of their humble roots. Both the artists were immensely passionate towards music since their childhood and had allowed nothing to come in their way. After being signed with Doliferecords, the duo’s composition “Stick” has worked wonders more than their expectation. Be it the rapping style or the music score, the track needs five stars for being musically and technically perfect. Producer Maserati Go Crazy has also proved his production genius in the music piece.

The vivid metaphors used in “Stick” reflect their unique way to deal with various situations in life. The track has the energy and grim of contemporary hip hop yet gives the vibes of golden age hip hop and rap music as well. Doliferecords is currently working on more projects with SSB that can be expected to be available on SoundCloud in the New Year.


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