Are you satisfied with path of exile xbox?

Are you satisfied with path of exile xbox?

Yes, Path of Exile Xbox has been released for some times, so how do you guys feel with this POE Xbox One version? I know that some guys just buy a new Xbox One to play Path of Exile, it's amazing and I think he may need to buy poe xbox currency too when he has some trouble in the game. 

I suppose the angle differs according to what you believe makes POE the sport it's. Could it be the game play itself? The city and buying and selling economy?

I'd reason that the city and buying and selling economy result in the game what it's, with the buying and selling api, community chat, daily mission collaboration, as well as in-game group finder. In case your argument may be the game play, then I'm sorry, although not every aspect of game play exist, in the PC because of breaking bugs with skills like cyclone and insufficient ammunition swap. They are issues in my experience, although not as breaking as the possible lack of a residential area and economy.

The sport is extremely RNG based, a player will discover 2 of the identical unique products, multiple 5/6L, or nice rares, whereas another player might find none of this, however, many currency products. Having the ability to filter and phone people immediately for trades is an integral part of the game that allows a lot of us to experience the builds we would like. 

You can play a develop console, reach finish game, after which realize you simply aren't able to find the pieces or perhaps trade on their behalf, that you'll require for the build to completely work. Nobody expects an xbox application or phone application that people can trade on, with exact set of features of POE Trade, but some thing towards that direction, even just in-game trade, with filters could be excellent.

I'm not an Xbox Developer, but I'm a developer and i'll still offer complaints and suggestions, really any feedback which i have, in situation it can help spark new or re-enforce ideas the developers have. 

I respect their game and work a great deal. They've done an excellent successor to Diablo 2, however the port to Xbox hasn't transported exactly the same greatness that POE holds using the pc. It will require time, however i have belief that we'll obtain a better game from our feedback and "belly-aching".

Whatever verison of Path of Exile you are playing now, you will find that you will need more currency and orbs in game, so do not miss R4PG's Chritmas and New Year Event:, you can win $100 worth poe(xbox) currency easily! 

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