“Bare Witness” by Gunsmith is a strong hip hop and rap song

“Bare Witness” by Gunsmith is a strong hip hop and rap song

With the huge growth of hip hop and rap music, there has been an elevation in the music genre. Many artists across the globe are taking up this music genre and making songs based on it. One such superb musician is Gunsmith who is ruling the Soundcloud scenario with his latest song – “Bare Witness”. This song has all the necessary elements to become a massive hit in the arena of Soundcloud. With original rhymes and beats – this song is ever-spreading. If you are a fan of hip hop and rap music, you must listen to this dynamic track by the ever-inspiring, Gunsmith.

Gunsmith is making songs based on fans head-splitting conscious lyrics, politics, social issues and conspiracy theories. The single – “Bare Witness”, guides listeners and integrates variety of styles including guitar riffs, keyboards, drums etc. The song has a vigorous delivery which is produced by Bussenchutt. The track comes with the familiarity of numerous recent releases which aims to cut down the barrier between people. This song evolves with a heavy metal tune that is incredibly smooth and detailed. The production is superb with a connected and complete music. It takes audiences in a hard-hitting atmosphere with real issues to address.

“Bare Witness” is an amazing song with a skilful melody and electronic tempo. The opening moments of the song offers a classic and confident hip hop and rap composition. Showcasing a subtle yet characterful performance – “Bare Witness” is a perfectly chilled out track on Soundcloud. The Australian hip hop and rap artist has created a really gripping song from the start to finish. With amazing lyrics, the track stands out of the crowd of other hip hop songs. In a raw and unedited way, the emotion in the song is totally melodious and passionate. Interested fans can connect with Gunsmith on Facebook and listen to his music on Soundcloud.

Click this hip hop link & you enjoy the track : https://soundcloud.com/jonrawls/bare-witness

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