“Gorillaz!” by Papi Versace is high on hip hop creativity and energetic ambiance

“Gorillaz!” by Papi Versace is high on hip hop creativity and energetic ambiance “Gorillaz!” by Papi Versace is high on hip hop creativity and energetic ambiance

Hip hop and rap as a form of music is gaining immensely popularity in the arena of Soundcloud. There are several artists who are making great songs in this genre with superb tunes and rhythmic vibes. The exponential growth of hip hop and rap music has been linked closely with the changing styles and sub-genres. In Soundcloud, the artist Papi Versace is rocking the music arena with his songs. His latest composition, “Gorillaz!” is a hip hop and rap song based on completely refreshing tunes and beats. The 21-year old artist believes in creating music in its truest representation and doesn’t believe in sticking to one genre.

This artist from Oklahoma, USA has kept the latest track – “Gorillaz!” more towards the ambiance and melody. It explodes in a unique way with high flowing energy and passion that is less chaotic. The melody of this song starts to focus mainly on the introduction that lulls fans to listen to it completely. The soundscape rebuilds it and cleverly showcases the beats and tunes. The rap vocal works in unison with the song creating a totally mind-blowing album that is unique as well as captivating. The track “Gorillaz” has an addictive quality which sinks in more and more towards the latter half of the track.

With a connected and conceptualized album, Papi Versace is offering fans a rhythmic style. Musically, the project varies deeply and features chorus vocals that bring out confident performances. The highly energetic song has all the essential elements necessary in a hip hop and rap track. “Gorillaz!” is already on the path to becoming one of the most popular and successful songs in the Soundcloud arena. It continues to grow in terms of production and creative expressions. The best part is to know more about the song or the artist – Papi Versace, fans can connect and follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Hear the new rap track, please click this link & enjoy this track : https://soundcloud.com/papiversacce/gorillaz-prod-by-pierre-bourne

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