Sense the Smoky Vibes of Hip Hop and Rap with the Tracks of Hash

Sense the Smoky Vibes of Hip Hop and Rap with the Tracks of Hash Sense the Smoky Vibes of Hip Hop and Rap with the Tracks of Hash Sense the Smoky Vibes of Hip Hop and Rap with the Tracks of Hash

Hash is an extremely skilled rapper who is giving hip hop a whole new shift under the record label Bones Up Records. Browse through Soundcloud and feel the difference.

Hip hop generally gives a hard feeling to the listeners with their reality based lyrics which showcases the harsh truth of the society. Generally it does not let you travel to another world; rather it enforces you to see the shrill actuality of the world. But this genre can also be an exception; while letting you view the toughness, it can also let you travel beyond the tangibles. This is what Hash does with each of his created raps. And the 2012 established Bones up Records is helping him in achieving that successfully.

Bones Up Records was established by Hash and Lil Mbone, brother of dougie rapper Mbone. After Mbone’s death, this duo decided to create this record label in the memory of the multi talented artist. Hash is continually doing dougie rap style to keep Mbone alive in the hearts of the music lovers and to popularize the style more and more. His music gives a chilling vibe to the audiences with a non violent approach to the lyrics. They give the best trippy feeling possible through a hip hop track. “Feeling Good” will literally make you feel good with its amazing beats and lyrics. The acoustic tune of “Cream” will turn your mood on and will take to another universe of happiness. So, Hash is ‘really not the same’, he is “Irregular” – his uniqueness can be truly felt with his range of creations. The beats of “Hating On Me” are so addictive that it will elevate the atmosphere of your party theme. Not only music, Hash is fond of films as well. “Bruce Wayne” will tell you that, where ‘Batman’ has got an overwhelming tribute from the young rapper Hash.

Hash’s smooth and smoky voice fused with lots of bass and turned up beats gives his tracks a unique approach. Listen to them on Soundcloud.    

Click here to enjoy the tracks of Hash:


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