Thriving Rapper Papi Versace Grabs Global Attention with New Single “Vince Carter!”

Thriving Rapper Papi Versace Grabs Global Attention with New Single “Vince Carter!” Thriving Rapper Papi Versace Grabs Global Attention with New Single “Vince Carter!”Thriving Rapper Papi Versace Grabs Global Attention with New Single “Vince Carter!”

Hip hop and rap music have established itself as one of the most youthful forms of music that portrays veracity of lifestyles, street culture mostly associated with the youth. The genre has risen from the grassroots revealing the hardships faced by the Afro-Americans of the United States. Today the genre has become universally accepted and regarded as the most popular form of music globally. Hip hop and rap has travelled a long way and opened doors for numerous artists to enter the mainstream music industry. SoundCloud site in recent times has established itself as the pioneering gala to listen to hip hop music. It is a place where fans cannot only tune to their favorite tracks but connect with the artists and know them in a much better way.

The year 2017 has been a great year for hip hop and rap music and when the year is about to end, SoundCloud gala has the best artist for this party season. Artist Papi Versace from Oklahoma City is one true artist who paves new path for the vibrant genre. His latest new single “Vince Carter!” is now streaming on SoundCloud. Papi is only 21 his approach towards music is very refined. Although he masters over hip hop and rap music genre, but has high regards for every other genre that signifies his commitment to the art form. He is quite confident about his music and sees himself in a position where he will give a tuff competition to artists like Lil Pump, Jade Smith, Post Malone and others.

Papi Versace has all the essential elements that nailed his position as a contemporary hip hop icon. He has got the right attitude, flawless rapping style, and extremely exclusive music sense. Some of his tracks that have been immensely appreciated on SoundCloud are “Get! It! Back!” his self-produced track, “U Aint Ready” that proves his instrumental music composing skill and a few more. One of the latest single “Gorillaz” is a banger rap track that reveals Papi’s exotic rapping style.

Papi Versace is all decked up to drive fans crazy with his single “Vince Carter!” produced by BeatStars. He dedicates this track to the best dunker Vince Carter. This track is fun, musically perfect and a premium single for this party season. Music nerds stay tuned to SoundCloud for his upcoming releases.

Visit here to enjoy this HipHop song of Papi Versace:

Also check out the music video “Vince Carter !” :

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