Durt Mulholland Boys shows their awesome rapping prowess with their inspiring music

Durt Mulholland Boys shows their awesome rapping prowess with their inspiring music

Many rappers are making new and modern hip hop music which you will love to listen. Durt Mulholland Boys has made some wonderful and nice hip hop mix which has broken all the stereotypes and has emerged as a great musician. They produces hypnotic beat and the cumulative rapping will take away your breath. The band has been gaining worldwide popularity and is still rising rapidly and they have no looking back. Durt Mulholland Boys consists of 6 members and they are Muddy Valentine, Murky Waters, Palo Marz, Dusty Green, Colthree and Monty Sapphire.  They all desired to become popular and there wonderful knowledge in music will create stormy sensation upon you.

The young members have the unique style and rhythm you will like. The harmonious beat rapping way has collected them many fans. If you want to get the band, you must tune into SoundCloud. There sound has pure, fresh. It is filled with life of fresh air which is actually unforgettable. The delivery from the voice has something extraordinary which will create a serene effect on you. The punchy rhythm and the stylized music will enhance the quality of your day. Some of his tracks that you will like to listen are “No kids on planet galatar”, “Why”, “Dirt” etc.

Durt Mulholland Boys arrives from Woodland Hills, United States and is getting huge recognition. Each of the members has something unique about them. If one has the talent for playing drum, another specializes in performing with synthesizer and other with nice voice. Together they have created magic which will be loved by the youth. The snappy snares and the kick from the drum are showed in a perfect way. There song will leave a great impact on you. If you listen to their music, you must visit SoundCloud. 

Please check out this hip hop link : https://soundcloud.com/durtboys

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