Aussie Hip Hop Star Picks Releases New Single “Told Em” For Music Nerds

Aussie Hip Hop Star Picks Releases New Single “Told Em” For Music Nerds

Hip hop and rap music has its origins in United States. But the buzzing genre has steadily spread its influence around the world. One nation that is also regarded as the hotspot of hip hop and rap is Australia. Although Australia is known as the land of rock, when it comes to hip hop and rap music, the land has produced range of amazing artists, producers and recording labels in the zone.  The essential elements of Aussie hip hop are quite different from the original hip hop style of US. The use of synthesizer and keyboard is more and has some unique traits that make it stand out. The Aussie artist who is grabbing maximum attention on SoundCloud is Cooper Picken aka Picks who is creating huge buzz since his debut in the gala. His latest single “Told Em” is now out for global hip hop enthusiasts.

 Picks is based on Broken Hill, Australia and was very passionate towards music and singing since his boyhood. His love for hip hop and rap was indeed special and he envied to become a star one day. He kept on nurturing his skills and soon became a part of the music band Vibes where he joined as the lead vocalist. The band specialized in electronic and hip hop that became quite popular amongst fans.  Picks made his SoundCloud debut with the track “Answers”, a thrilling single that highlights his exceptional voice texture and rapping style. After attaining huge criticisms, Picks dropped another single “Trap Freestyle” that is blended with different freestyle elements and bone chilling rap narrative.

 The new single “Told Em” is another hit of Picks that proves his mastery on the genre. The track is blended with soothing music score and flawlessly rapped by the artist. Music lovers log on to SoundCloud to taste the exotic flavors of Aussie hip hop.

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