Find peace in your Life with the Marqesa’s all new Mix “TRIBAL”

Find peace in your Life with the Marqesa’s all new Mix “TRIBAL”

Music has a healing power. It can give peace to your mind better than anything else. music can accompany anything, it can complete anything – from your party, to your solitude, even your yogic mood. Marqesa focuses on making electronic music which can foster yogic practices. Her music aims to touch the soul and the spiritual values of human life, which goes deep inside. She has never failed in doing so. She has recently uploaded another awesome track mix on Soundcloud, “TRIBAL”. It will take you to a journey beyond this material world.

“TRIBAL” will grow your concentration power with its cosmic tune and nature. It is even better than the best mixes Marqesa. the chilling music throughout the track will take you to another world of emotions. Rather than giving simple happiness, it will gift you with some peaceful happiness. The tranquility is intangible, you cannot touch it but you can feel it within you. Marqesa’s music will heighten your emotions towards peace of life. Music connects the body and soul – “TRIBAL” does that flawlessly. The connection is pure and soothing which can be spread with Marqesa’s new creation. This world receives ecstatic feelings with her tracks. this electronic track mix is just perfect for your trippy happy feet. The beauty of life and nature is so soulful that it touches our heart. “TRIBAL” is a song to stimulate that beauty.

Yoga is the best way for achieving peace and with the accompaniment of some perfect music it soothes the way towards. The soul inspiring mix “TRIBAL”, also has a dancing flavor to grove with. The perfect blend of comforting voice, rhythm and tune has given this number total perfection. Marqesa aims to stimulate a different aspect of this world – the creative one. “TRIBAL” has done that with smoothness. Tranquilize your mind with this mix on Soundcloud.   

Listening this live set music, please check out this link :

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