December 14, 2017- Patrick Sutton, Founder of CCA and creative content artist, proudly announces the long awaited web series SCALES will be shot in Atlanta, GA and will debut Spring 2018.

The story was created to fill the void, where shows like Queer as Folk and Noah’s ARC left off. We are giving all viewers a show that is both comic and informative. It talks about love and balance on characters whose sexuality doesn’t define their actions but their hearts” said Patrick Sutton the show creator.

SCALES is a 10 episode web series that follows the life of Remy, Gavin and David. The show is best described as a mixture of Insecure and Noah’s ARC. It focuses on each character searching for a balance in poignant places in their lives. Some were seen to strife in balancing their career and stability while some others seek balance in their love life.

The web show elevates its characters in a variety of light; the LGBT, African-American as well as Filipino Americans, and Latin Americans who are all central figures in this fast paced web-series. Patrick Sutton also stars as Remy Howard who is the brain behind this savvy web-show that explores diversity at its peak.

SCALES, the web series will average 8-10 minutes per episode and promises fast-paced excitement that will keep its viewers tuned in for every episode. Join our journey on YouTube: SCALES, The Web Series

Contact details

Company name: CCA

Contact person: Patrick Ladonis & KL Sylvester

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Youtube channel: Scales, The Web Series

Creator Instagram: iampatrickladonis

Show Instagram:scales_the_webseries_

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