IDon is thoroughly experimenting with their tracks for new flavor

IDon is thoroughly experimenting with their tracks for new flavor IDon is thoroughly experimenting with their tracks for new flavor

Music always enlivens the society. This field of entertainment is enriched with various genres like hip hop, rap, trap, experimental etc. There are n numbers of music production house who are bringing music at your doorstep with their unique stunning touch. Every day, around the world, potential musicians are taking birth. Some musicians go for solo performance as independent artists; some go for band or group performances. But in both the factors, the most needed thing that comes after the artistry is the production house. Idontgiveafuxproductions is such a label of Canada who is motivating the aspiring artists to contribute more and more in the music industry.

Idontgiveafuxproductions is currently working with a team of musicians named IDon which consists of the artists like SCORPINOX, LIVEALWAYSZEN, DENZEL GANG, CVRSON, PETERTHEPRODUCER, THEDOCTOR and BOUYLYONE. IDon has just started their venture last year in the musical field. And their musical sense is really appreciating. All the artists in their group mainly focus on the lyrical content of the songs. But, along with that, each one of them has their individuality as well. They like to do experiments with their music. Some of the songs focus on beats to flow with, where some of them concentrate on fine tuning. No matter what, all the tracks are an addiction for the listeners and are a one stop solution for any event, be it a house party, or a festival. The songs like “Set Deephouse”, “Mr.Don – Set I Love Electrohouse \o/” and “Mr.Don Set January \o/” are the instances of their awesome creations. Listen to them on Soundcloud and get electrified with each one of the tracks.

IDon aims to become a big name in this bigger industry of music. To achieve that, they are giving the best out of their talent and are making music dedicatedly since inception. Don’t miss out their astounding creations uploaded on Soundcloud.

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