What Bug Fixed in Path of exile 3.1.0

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Fixed a bug where Doedre could kill herself while teleporting if her life was unusually low.
Fixed a bug where skeleton generals summoned by Vaal Summon Skeletons played the wrong effect as they appeared.
Fixed a bug where you could continue to channel skills even after being reduced to 0 action speed (such as after being petrified by the Basilisk).
Fixed a bug where the automatically-updating public parties tab would turn off AFK mode.
Fixed a bug where a Forsaken Master could teleport into a position that blocked access to areas (such as doorways).
Fixed the displayed duration of Innervation and Arcane Surgeon skills which have their duration modifiers.
Fixed a bug where the duration of instances of Temporal Chains applied on-hit from items was too short.
Fixed a bug where attempting to respawn in a hideout where an object blocked the waypoint could cause you to disconnect.
Fixed Life and Mana levels overlapping text with the Help Panel open.
Fixed a bug where unique maps which shared a base type with a map that had a boss whose soul could be captured for the pantheon would be displayed as having that boss.
Fixed a bug where Glacial Hammer would sometimes not interact correctly with Herald of Ice's on-shatter effect.
Fixed some instances of NPC talk options being placed in the wrong category.
Fixed a bug where using a warcry while holding Debeon's Dirge would ignore knockback avoidance.
Fixed a bug where, despite being untargetable, allied Harbingers (and other targetable entities) could trigger enemy traps.
Fixed a bug where gaining multiple Shrine effects of the same type in the Labyrinth would stack, rather than replace each other.
Fixed several instances of skills becoming invisible after leaving and re-entering an area. This includes Kitava's Devouring Darkness.
Fixed a bug where Storm Burst's explosions were not destroying chests, Cairns, and barrels.
Fixed some slightly wonky descriptions on the Fortify-centric passive skills.
Fixed a bug where skills supported by Innervate would call all skills spells in the skill popup.
Fixed a bug where some tightly-packed areas (such as Forsaken Master mission areas) would try and fail to spawn extra monsters like Tormented Spirits and Rogue Exiles. Now they should try and succeed! Great job!
Moved the Labyrinth Silver chests and other rewards away from walls, and locked their rotation. This should prevent items they spit out becoming inaccessible.
Fixed a bug where the Fellshrine Ruins could generate a Vaal side-area on the wrong side of the river.
Removed several of Silk's old dialogue options that were out of date.
Fixed a bug where Grandmasters were only gaining more attack damage from Frenzy charges, not general damage.
Fixed a bug where the Vaal Ruins in Act 2 could generate a pile of extra rooms it wasn't meant to.
Fixed a bug where the Shield Crabs in the Boiling Lakes didn't drop loot.
Fixed a bug where the Lightning Rods in the General Adus and Minotaur fights could be knocked back.
Fixed some audio popping/cracking issues.
Fixed a bug where the Ankh of Eternity and the Teardrop quest items were missized for the size of their art.
Fixed a bug where players could have more than the number of pets they own following them.
Fixed a bug where rare French names were not always using the correct gender for the epithet.
Blink Arrow's behavior and reliability on unusual terrain have been improved.
Fixed a bug where item hovers would sometimes vibrate.
Fixed a lot of typos and mismatches between character dialogue as spoken and as written.
Fixed a bug which caused certain chests in the Labyrinth which were intended to drop only Jewellery to drop items of all kinds instead.
Fixed a bug which caused earlier levels of the Raise Zombie skill gem to display the wrong life values. This does not affect Zombie balance.
Fixed a bug where some Vorici mission requirements would continue to be displayed even after completing or failing his mission.
Fixed a bug where turning in a set of The Siren Divination Cards was giving a corrupted Whispering Ice without the correct 20% quality.
Fixed a bug where the notable Practical Application granted Strength and Dexterity as separate (rather than combined) stats. This does not change the function of the passive whatsoever.
Fixed a bug where you could bypass the barrier in Act 7 Chamber of Sins early.
Fixed a bug where Ice Bite could support totem, trap and mine skills, despite its effect not working on them.
Fixed supportability description text of both Ice Bite and Innervate.
Fixed a bug where the Defiance notable was granting increased melee physical damage that was not conditional to holding a shield.
Fixed a bug where you could Leap Slam out of General Aldus's arena without completing the encounter. Also prevented access to the Trarthan Powder until General Adus is dead, for good measure. You know what you did, Raiz.
Fixed a bug with the "increased global Armour while you have no Energy Shield" stat found on the Broken Faith unique item. This modifier was not correctly applying to armor which was gained by converting Evasion Rating to Armour with the Iron Reflexes keystone passive.
Fixed a bug with the bonus unique Labyrinth Shrine effect that would cause a huge lag spike when activated.
Fixed a bug which prevented some monsters from being able to trigger their mines.
Fixed a bug where Tormented Spirits could possess the Solaris and Lunaris orbs during the Dawn and Dusk encounters.
Fixed a bug in some languages where the skill popup UI would not correctly scale to fit some text fields.
Fixed a bug where the text on the Challenges screen could overlap in some languages.
Fixed a client crash caused by the low mana tutorial.
Fixed a bug where totems with low maximum life values would fail to reach one life due to rounding, thus failing to disable Righteous Fire properly.
Fixed a bug where you could kill Abernathy, the Cloven One before it transitioned into its later phases.
Fixed a bug where the Gem Level-up tutorial would incorrectly override other tutorials.
Fixed a bug where shrines could occasionally be placed in unreachable locations.
Fixed a bug where double-clicking a character with an expired name would deselect the character while you were changing its name. This would prevent the renamed character from being automatically logged in as intended, and not change the name on the character select screen even though it had saved the new character's name to the server.
Fixed a bug where selecting a slot on the Cosmetics tab after switching between the Cosmetics tab and Inventory tab using hotkeys would require an extra click.
Fixed a bug where modifiers to ailment damage from attacks while holding a shield were applying twice if you weren't using Varunastra.
Fixed a bug where the sextant that grants players instant life and mana recovery from flasks was not granting any immediate recovery.
Fixed a bug where removing a Static Strike skill gem from its socket (or doing anything else to disable the skill) would immediately trigger all Static Strike explosions.
Fixed a bug where enemies hit by Sunder's linear component also unintentionally got hit by the area of effect that it created.
Fixed a bug where low-level characters in the same league and on the same account as actors engaged in the Shaper questline had that questline displayed in their quest tracker while in a town or hideout.
Fixed a bug where effects that changed the size of your character could cause some spells and effects to appear incorrectly.
Fixed a bug where damage-over-time effects were not correctly causing some bosses to transition through their phases. This could result in real damage-over-time characters being unable to progress through some fights.

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