Get Hooked to Mohaymxn’s Songs Inspired by Hip Hop and Rap Aura

Get Hooked to Mohaymxn’s Songs Inspired by Hip Hop and Rap Aura Get Hooked to Mohaymxn’s Songs Inspired by Hip Hop and Rap Aura

If you want to get lost in the sea of hip hop and rap music, listen to Mohaymxn. He creates irresistible music fused with superb sounds and wonderful lyrics.

Hip hop and rap’s legacy is rich with history. It emerged as a street music style in New York but gradually moved towards becoming one of the popular music genres. According to the Wikipedia page – “rapping is a rhythmic delivery of rhymes and it is one of the four elements of hip hop”. Now, hip hop and rap has become synonymous with each other and making some feel good music. The audiences of this particular genre are enthralled with the new artist Mohaymxn. He has created some outstanding hip hop music that is gaining an increasing popularity around the world.

As we all know that hip hop and rap music has its own voice. It’s gaining momentum with several artists taking it up as their own genre of music. The critics who dismiss rap as offensive must listen to Mohaymxn. This artist is way too different than his contemporaries all over the world. He is a music student and learning everyday in order to get better in his music arena. The best thing that he claims is he has made all kinds of songs – released and unreleased ones. He sings in hip hop, rap and emmoEgenre and all his songs are available on Soundcloud.

The early hip hop and rap songs had aggression and violence. But, with new artists like Mohaymxn emerging in the hip hop and rap scene, it has evolved with new styles and techniques. He has released near about ten songs on Soundcloud and he can’t wait to share all his other unreleased songs with the world. In the span of 24-hours, he has released two songs – “What’s my name pt.1” and “I don’t see em”. Both these songs are directed towards his haters and are different than one another. Fans of Mohaymxn aka Mohaymin Saeed can connect with him on Twitter, Instagram and watch all his videos available on YouTube.

Click here to enjoy the tracks of Mohaymxn:


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