Whoisderek has Broken All Records with his Wonderful Song “Right Now”

Whoisderek has Broken All Records with his Wonderful Song “Right Now”

Whoisderek is a rapper, songwriter and currently making many praiseworthy music. He was born and raised in Texas and has gained huge popularity all over the world. His songs have some zesty beat and are very influencing the youth of today. His “Right Now” is very nice since it is one use of hip-hop infused alternative music. He roamed around the country and got his taste of making entertaining music with rapid rhythm. The use of the drum machine along with other important instruments will take away your breath. You will get the latest musician on SoundCloud. It is the spot for many new stars with their magnificent song making.

Whoisderek’s musical talent has gained him many followers and he is not looking back. His ecstatic rhythm, cumulative rap, a mind-blowing enigma he has utilized in his music is really praiseworthy. Once you listen to his music you will become his immediate fan.  The tropical synths along with pleasing music in the background will make you feel wow. “Right Now” is one of his diverse kinds of music which proves his great prowess of music mixing. The different take on life and that is being transferred to nice tune will make you happy.

His heavy focus on the lyrical part and the spoken word perfectly complements his music. The punchy hook, the nice acumen of music will create magic for you. He has built his music in his own house and his own production.  His song building proves his passion for song making and he has become more polished these days. The intense rhythm he has given will make you wow. His witty, intelligent and nice flow will take you to the world of wonder. If you are bored listening to the same kind of music and want some difference in your life, you must listen to Whoisderek’s music on SoundCloud.


Please visit here to check out this song of Whoisderek:  https://soundcloud.com/whoisderek/right-now

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