Rahul Chandran awarded prize for his work on Humanitarianism

With his continuing contribution to the humanitarian projects and development work and peace activities, Rahul Chandran has become a leading global humanitarian figure and ambassador of goodwill. Chandran is currently employed as the Executive Director of the Global Alliance for Humanitarian Innovation (GAHI), a non-profit, international humanitarian organisation that comprises of governmental actors, knowledge institutes, businesses and humanitarian groups and bodies. Since his appointment as the first director of GAHI in June 2017, Chandran has been working with a network of individuals, expert groups, and noble bodies  round the clock to bring together the resources, expertise and capabilities to uplift lives of people uprooted within their own countries by conflict.   


In recognition of his tireless and comprehensive efforts in the betterment of people in need, Chandran has been given several awards and numerous influential roles and positions in the GAHI. Given his expertise in using innovation in humanitarian sector, Chandran has been given the responsibility to achieve higher impact and efficiency. He is assigned to oversee that issues are being given to the experts who are capable of solving them efficiently. A multi-talented and exceptionally mindful thinker, Chandran takes care of GAHI’s social, intellectual, and financial resources, and amplifies the organisation’s humanitarian functions by sharing information and ideas that actually work to multiply the impact. Chandran has also authored numerous articles and influential reports that have received accolades from so many humanitarian organizations from around the world. He is the writer and managing editor of a major report on the future of humanitarian action. The report, titled “Humanitarianism in the Network Age,” was prepared for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), and it describes how essential information and communication are to mobilize and amplify plans and provide humanitarian aids during and in the aftermath of crisis. The report was widely praised as “an outstanding, accurate, radical and impressively cross-disciplinary study” and a "turning point for the use of mobile and ICT in humanitarian crises and the protection of human rights."


It is his strong vision about the humanitarian innovation, and expertise in capacity building, peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance, conflict analysis, and international humanitarian action that earned him a prestigious status in both the public and private humanitarian sectors. All he has accomplished in his life is because of his clear understanding about foreign policy, human rights, development programming, and international security. His hard work, dedication and commitment in the areas of peacemaking, resilience, and humanitarianism with numerous efforts on UN reform won him numerous accolades. His ability to manage and motivate team members as well as facilitate relationships between public and private networks is highly impressive. Earlier, Chandran was the senior advisor at the United Nations University Center for Policy Research (UNU CPR), and also served as a Team Leader, Senior Capacity Review in United Nations. Prior to this, he worked as Humanitarian Affairs Officer/Policy Analysis and Innovation at OCHA, and was also appointed as a senior Governance Consultant at United Nations Development Programme. He worked for five years at the Deputy Director/Director of Peacebuilding at the Center on International Cooperation (CIC) where he provided ideas and advice on crisis and security issues.


Rahul Chandran (Born in 1976) is a highly skilled notable humanitarian with an abundance of knowledge, capabilities and expertise. The website http://www.rahulchandran.com showcases that Chandran is an author, innovative leader and thinker apart from a humanitarian, who devotes most of his time to humanitarian and peacebuilding activities. The website displays biography of Chandran, describing how his successful humanitarian projects and his contribution in formulating and implementing the humanitarian innovation earned him a number of awards and prizes. The website houses Chandran’s numerous articles, reports and publications and provides comprehensive information about his skills, education and professional life.

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