Put Your Hands Up In The Air To Party With Eli Cbg’s “Bigger Moves”

Put Your Hands Up In The Air To Party With Eli Cbg’s “Bigger Moves”

Pop culture is incomplete without hip hop. Hip hop is a major element of this modern pop society. It is getting enriched everyday with the inclusions of newly made hip hop tracks. The artists nowadays are way too talented and versatile. One of them is Elijah Harris who is professionally known as Eli CBG. With years of struggle in this field, he has now gained a name in the industry. His new track, “Bigger Moves”, on Soundcloud is gathering enormous love from the music lovers all over the world.

Being an independent artist, Eli CBG, is doing really good in the hip hop world. “Bigger Moves” is a fresh instance of his talent. With the right of sense of music, he has created a banger with this track. This track is so addictive that it won’t get out of your head easily. For your party mood, this song is just perfect. The acoustic instrumental use at the beginning is truly amazing. Then it got perfectly blended with the tempo and beats. The explicit character of “Bigger Moves” is carefully handled by Eli CBG. The rap at certain points of the song is accompanied with bass line only, which gives a different feel. The mix gives a warm feeling to every listener. Money can drive people into anything and everything. And Eli CBG has tried to communicate that through his track. This mix will not let you sit at one place – you will have to groove with it.

Eli CBG is heading towards making more and more songs like this. He is a young lad who takes his inspiration from life, takes his lessons from life. “Bigger Moves” is also crafted with that inspiration. So what are you waiting for! Tune into Soundcloud to listen to this track and get yourself moving. 


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