“Clean Heart” – Zojak World Wide’s Experimental Reggae Music has Created Buzz

“Clean Heart” – Zojak World Wide’s Experimental Reggae Music has Created Buzz

Zojak World Wide is a renowned music publisher that keeps on producing a good number of exclusive hit songs. The young singers of Zojak World Wide have recently launched their new reggae single “Clean Heart”. DJ Zack, being a versatile singer has made a big blast with this new song. This Brooklyn based singer is ready to experiment with traditional as well as contemporary blends. Music is his passion and he dedicatedly keeps on releasing new tracks based on varied musicality. However, “Clean Heart” has already received a lot of appreciation from the worldwide audiences for its excellent music beats.

Reggae music has developed many of its characteristics taking them from other genres. As a true reggae, “Clean Heart” includes the feelings and emotion of the singer. The ear-soothing melody will amaze you as well. The rhythm section is normally played on the every second and fourth beats. Zojak World Wide has introduced an unmatchable drumming style in “Clean Heart”. The snappy snares, hi-hats and instrumental fusion are playing a major role in making this single a big hit. The kick drum is lined over with almost every beat. And in most of the cases, the beats remain to be the first and third ones.

Additionally, horns play a major role in reggae music. The vocal performance involves singing, D-jaying, and shakers as well. The vocalist delivers unique and natural tone through the song. The artist emphasizes more on the back beats of the track. In “Clean Heart”, the artist has introduced a steady but repetitive bass line. There is something very catchy and groovy in this single. Zojak World Wide has been providing services to more than 200 platforms. Therefore, the new reggae music “Clean Heart” has been released in various platforms such as – spotify, iTunes, Google, Youtube and so on.

To listening this song, please visit this link : https://soundcloud.com/zojakworldwide/bamboo-kallum-clean-heart

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