Eminem – Beyonce’s Walk on Water Hits the Billboard Charts

Eminem – Beyonce’s Walk on Water Hits the Billboard Charts

Last November 10, the real Slim Shady together with Queen Beyonce has dropped a brand new single entitled Walk on Water and is making its way on the top spots on the Billboard charts. 

Walk on water is Eminem’s first new music in two years time since he was busy with Southpaw film soundtrack.  Although the collaboration between the two artists has been surprising, its impact on the public has never been any less. 

Co-producing this new single is Eminem’s longtime collaborator Rick Rubin while Beyonce and Skylar Grey, who is a co-writer of Eminem-Rihanna’s Love the way you Lie, have co-written the lyrics of this new song. 

The new single features a downbeat song with a simple piano accompaniment, a moving string section, synthesizer, and a muted percussion.  The arrangement is more of a rough-hewn with Eminem sounding like mostly swearing himself and scribbling.

It is presumed that Walk on Water is just among the first track of Eminem’s upcoming album which is probably entitled Revival.  The Revival title was unveiled when Eminem posted an Instagram photo of a doctor’s prescription note that has the logo Revival with Eminem’s signature which is backward “E” which provokes the truth about the title.  Speculations arise that this album may be coming sometime before or at the end of the year. 

The unexpected team up of Beyonce and Eminem left much of us shocked.  There were ongoing beliefs that Jay-Z was the one who convinced Queen B to collaborate with the Slim Shady artist.  It is notably obvious that Jay-Z and Eminem have a good and long relationship as the latter is the only rapper that is featured on Jay-Z’s The Blueprint.  In addition, when Beyonce sported her new braids via Twitter, it actually meant a new music was about to unfold.  

Meanwhile, Walk on Water isn’t the only single that’s been aiming for the top spot.  In a recent chart for Billboard 200, Taylor Swift’s Reputation stays on top which sold more than 1.05 million copies in just four days.  It is thought that Havana which was sung by Camilla Cabello and Young Thug will be able to be the No. 1 in just a week.  And Jason Derulo’s Tip Toe accompanied by French Montana is also another single to watch out for.  There are other artists who have released their albums that are quietly moving on their way to the top.

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