Breeze Davinci has made a solid comeback with his new hip hop songs

Breeze Davinci has made a solid comeback with his new hip hop songs Breeze Davinci has made a solid comeback with his new hip hop songs

If you like a gripping melody with iconic tunes, listen to Breeze Davinci on Soundcloud. His tracks are a delight to the ears and offer a colorful collection of songs to all the fans. Breeze Davinci aka Terrell White has vast abilities which include – song writing, recording and producing. The structure of the songs is fairly calm and will guide you when you are feeling lonely. He sings under Armani Muzik Group and the first to sign this music label. At the ripe age of 8 years, he started composing music as a hobby which soon evolved into a serious profession after enough motivation and push from friends.

Breeze Davinci realized that music writing is his deepest passion as he started working towards his career goal. His is thoroughly inspired from artists like – Outkast, Tupac Shakur, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Drake, Kanye West, Eminem and Lil Wayne. He believes every artist is creative on their own, thus each and every style of hip hop and rap music must be appreciated. Breeze’s goal is to make his songs popular throughout the world as he has always dreamt of being a rapper. The powerful meaning of his songs can be translated as attainable and possible if one works hard enough.

The hooks and melodies of the songs available on Soundcloud are memorable. The soundscape he creates is almost magical even if it’s hip hop and rap. If you focus on the words, it will make an impact on you. Also, there is an instrumental mix which stays in your mind for long. You will the truth of each track that is available in Breeze Davinci’s Soundcloud profile. The ambiance of all his songs is superb, which is presented with a fairly strong concept. All the interested music enthusiasts can connect with Breeze on his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook profiles.

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