The Songs of Big Six will unveil the harsh reality of Life to you

The Songs of Big Six will unveil the harsh reality of Life to you

Life is not complete without music. According to Friedrich Nietzsche, “Without music, life would be a mistake”. Yes, sure it can be. The things which cannot be expressed with words, where for some issues you have to remain silent; via music those can be conveyed very easily. Music can heal your pain, refresh your mind, drown you into deep thoughts – in one word – music is for your emotions. So, if the art has all these features, then how come the artists, the makers will be different! They are creative; bother about your emotion and aims to entertain you through their music.

Las Vegas dweller Big Six is a musical star creating music with different genres like hip hop and rap, rock, alternative rock, trap etc. Life has been ignorant for him. It has collapsed in various manners. But this guy never lost hope – these lessons pulled him towards making music seriously and taking music as his professional career. His music, his songs is crafted with reality. It conveys the bitter sweet truth of life. Amongst his uploaded songs on Soundcloud, most of them will give you a shivering feeling; will unveil the harsh reality in front of you in an explicit manner. The songs like, “SOULOUT”, “Creep” and “Shrooms” have used the goblin sound to give you the creepy feeling. Even the cover of his Soundcloud profile tries to let people understand the toughness of life in a go. Even his album covers are also made keeping those factors in mind. The only song of Big Six, which is not made with serious factors, is, “Partiboob” – it can be an excellent choice for your party mood. 

Big Six has come a long way with all the struggles throughout his life. He has learnt from the lessons and has created something creative out of them. Tune into Soundcloud to feel his tracks.

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