Ultimate Innovation of Hip Hop with SO KING’D UP’s "TILTIN CROWNS"

SO KING’D UP aka Kyle Brown has created his own sub genre of hip hop named King Hop. “TILTIN CROWNS”, on Soundcloud, is one of his creations of this innovative genre.

Music is an art which attracts the listeners with the touch of some unique creativity. It’s the only thing that can readily give refreshment from your tired mood. Being the popular most musical genre, hip hop can do that best. With its awesome beats it keeps on making you grove with the tracks. The cultural movement has come a long way in the mainstream pop music with its artists. Every hip hop artist has their own kind of diversity. But what SO KING’D UP has created is just revolutionary. He has made his own genre with the name of King Hop. “TILTIN CROWNS” is a work of this genre which will take you to another level of satisfaction. The music video will get released on this December. Till then, listen to the track on Soundcloud.

Are you fond of listening to innovative music? Then SO KING’D UP is just the choice for it. He have innovated his own genre of hip hop naming King Hop. One of his creative innovations is “TILTIN CROWNS”. His real name being Kyle Brown, SO KING’D UP has played with the beats throughout the track. This song elevates your mood from a soothing background score to a hardcore thrash. The lyrics are way different and original than any other hip hop tracks. He has even tried to publicize his own genre via this number. This dynamic track takes a step forward in building King Hop as a prominent genre in the near future. 

Under the record label of Elite Campaign Recordz, SO KING’D UP has spread a deep message through his track “TILTIN CROWNS”. He has made himself stand out of the crowd. He does not go on with only one style of music; he has variations which kills the monotony. Tune into Soundcloud to listen to this track.  

Click here to enjoy the track "TILTIN CROWNS": https://soundcloud.com/kinghopmusic/so-kingd-up-tiltin-crowns-king-hop


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