Miss Money fascinates all her fans with “On the nephs”

Miss Money fascinates all her fans with “On the nephs” Miss Money fascinates all her fans with “On the nephs”

Multitalented rapper and artist Miss Money is all the way from Pittsburgh and began her rapping from the tender age of 10. Her earlier encounter with rap has enabled her to make stunning music. Now her songs are getting viral for the artistic way of style, groovy rhythm and powerful hymn. Her recent release “On the nephs” is out now on SoundCloud. Miss Money’s inspiration was always to put her emotions through words and she has overcome in it. Her melodious tune and nice flow of rhythm are on par with any other reputed star. She has also recorded and performed largely throughout the East Coast which has given her the confidence to carry it forward.

Her music is mostly about her own life and you will find some of these things in “On the nephs”. She has also affection for some of the reputed artists like melodious Whitney Houston, lyrical Tina Turner etc. But for her, all these things are not enough and she is trying harder to come up with more innovative music. She has won Bragging Rights Awards in Pittsburgh for the best new artist during 2009. Her flamboyant approach and her voice quality are enough to make you crazy.

Miss Money’s awesome “On the nephs” starts with a nice hook from the wonderful musical instrument will captivate your heart. The youth of today loves listening to music that they can relate to and she has made this thing true with her quality music. With her great music career, she has no looking back only to move further. Once you listen to her music you will get addicted to her. The punch line, the well-structured music is really stunning. If you like enjoying Miss Money’s music, you must tune into SoundCloud, the spot for many reputed artists.

For listening this song, please visit this link : https://soundcloud.com/missmoneyofficial/onm-the-nephs

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