Recommend Some Good Madden 18 Players For the Newbie

We've got had quite a lot of people ask us about our low priced Madden Mobile coins. And now we know there's a lot of interest in this year's game. We have now a couple of customers in the office who're just huge followers of the Madden games and to help give you a head start when you are manufacturing your Ultimate Team. There exists a few rookies who you need to be taking a nearer look at once the game is released in August.

Mitch Trubisky: Quarter Back

He'll be playing for the Chicago Bears and as the second pick in the draft, many eyes are likely to be on him. We feel that he is going to be rated in the mid to high 70's. Which for a rookie will not be bad and in the right hands he might be a very useful player. 

Dalvin Cook: Running Back

While he may have been not picked until late in the second round, we have now high hopes for Dalvin Cook. We are sure that his agility and speed ratings will probably be super high, like higher than some other rookies. His other stats may not be all that impressive, but we believe like he could be a great playmaker. 

Deshaun Watson: Quarter Back

Of course, we had to acquire Deshaun Watson! He was drafted by the Houston Texans and his general performance that led to him winning the championship game while attending college will result in him aquiring a super high consciousness rating which you may already know for a QB is really what you need. We might see him being actually rated in the 80's!

To ensure that is just a number of the rookies that we feel might be rated pretty high in Madden 18 and if you want to know top five defensive players, just go to our site, you will find more you want there. We may desire to know what rookies you have been looking forward to checking out in the game. 

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