Rap Genius Winter Makes a Gala Appearance with Exotic Tracks

Rap Genius Winter Makes a Gala Appearance with Exotic Tracks

SoundCloud is witnessing maximum attention in the music gallery of new artist Winter from Calgary. Music fans listen to his hot new singles and feel the difference. 

Music is the best way to feel refresh and rejuvenated. Amongst many music genres, one genre that has stood in the test of time is hip hop and rap music. Although the genre has its origin in the United States, hip hop and rap is one of the most popular genres around the world. The growth of hip hop is worth appreciating for the genre has bloomed very big. One big reason of such popularity of hip hop in recent years is Soundcloud, the hub of contemporary hip hop music.  This gala has given global hip hop fans the opportunity to listen to the most trending music every new day. The new artist who is grabbing maximum attention to his music gallery is Winter. This young and versatile artist has recently released two new singles each of which is different and offers very innovative beats and rapping styles. 

Winter is a Canada based artist who has poured his soul to create the tracks that is now available in SoundCloud. His debut track “Big Enough” is a fast paced rap track with a zesty music score. The USP of this track is the rapping style of Winter that is clear and easily understandable. Through this track he reveals his confidence level and positive approach towards life.  He has the perfect attitude required for this art form.

The recent track “New Chain” is another exemplary contemporary rap track where Winter teams up with another artist Kidd Kidd. The drum beats makes this track more energetic. Artist Winter is working on more projects that are soon going to be released on SoundCloud. Fans don’t forget to take a sneak peek into his Instagram profile. For all who want to witness Winter’s live performance, contact him through his SoundCloud profile and keep enjoying his incredible tracks.

Must listen the song: https://soundcloud.com/403winter/new-chain-ft-kidd-kidd 


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