For Immediate Release

November 16th, 2017 - This is to notice that Sotheby's will willfully auction Ken Price infringing object on Contemporary Art Day Auction, 17 Nov 2017 | New York | 9:30 AM EST, Bid 243.

Sotheby's NY legal counsel, Aimee Scilleri, denied all and any obligations to cease the fraudulent activity. According to her legal theory, Sotheby's is allowed to transmit and Auction allege infringing objects to her collectors.

Ken Price Estate copyright infringement, involves Rico Crime, fraud on Court, transfer of copyright without jurisdiction and or both in violations of the Act of Congress and the US Constitution, to say the list.

The organized crime involves the unlawful activity of lawyers and art dealers also in recognized respectable institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum, MOMA, LAMCA and the list goes on.

Priya N. Chen, the Author of the copyrighted material says: “If you are a collector, be advised that Ken Price copyright infringement involves a massively organized crime activity in the art world. And I will demand destruction and seizure of all of Ken Price infringing objects.”


Priya N. Chen


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