Savguy Meech’s Songs are the best reality reflector in Hip Hop

Savguy Meech’s Songs are the best reality reflector in Hip Hop

Hip hop is a cultural upgradation of the world along with modernization of fashion, art, language and obviously music. Hip hop and rap deals with honesty – the reality of the society around oneself. Lyrically, the artists spread the message of sorrow, loss, exploitation etc. This genre aims to bring just in the society through the tough realistic lyrics in the tracks. Savguy Meech is one of the most well known artists of this new generation who is making songs with which the society can totally relate to. Soundcloud has all his tracks uploaded for you to listen and understand life.

Demetrius Robinson is a Chicago born 24 years old guy who moved to Milwaukee to aspire his career in music. At a very young age, he got a tremendous shock after losing his mother. But that did not stop him to become Savguy Meech. Yes, that Chicago born lad was no one but Savguy Meech. His mother city was his first inspiration to become a star artist in hip hop. The loss of his mother devastated him. His life became a puzzle, where one of the pieces was missing and thus he couldn’t arrange it properly; at that point of time his only aim was to make his mother proud. Music helped him to get over the worst situations of life and to make a name. he started making music with which every person can relate to.

Savguy Meech spreads positive vibes with the new wave of his music. He has struggled throughout his life to become an artist who can entertain the world with his music. He has taken a step forward towards it by making his own brand label Young Boss Nation aka YBN. He has gained confidence to create a personal outlet for his music. Listen to all the tracks of this ambitious artist on Soundcloud.

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