Eli*CBG Offering Stellar Hip Hop and Rap Hits to the World

Eli*CBG Offering Stellar Hip Hop and Rap Hits to the World Eli*CBG Offering Stellar Hip Hop and Rap Hits to the World Eli*CBG Offering Stellar Hip Hop and Rap Hits to the World

If you want to enjoy some super-cool hip hop and rap music, listen to Eli*CBG. This amazing artist is rocking the Soundcloud arena with his superb compositions.

The California, USA born artist, Eli*CBG has released a huge collection of hip hop and rap songs. The tracks are laced with superb production that offers mellow as well as hardcore hip hop songs. His songs are available on Eli*CBG’s Soundcloud account. The young artist started writing and producing his songs under his music label, CBG The Label. He is well-versed with the creative elements that go in making the hip hop and rap songs. Also, he has developed a unique sound of his own with his independent label that is rocking the music arena of Soundcloud.

The latest song by Eli*CBG aka Elijah Harris – Oh Well – ft. Bhu$$ is a breakthrough in hip hop and rap music. The successful collaboration of this song offers absolutely blissful moments to fans around the world. This song is about the real life happenings filled with information and much more. In addition to the songs created by Elijah, there are other projects he is working on as well. Eli*CBG is born in Philly and raised in Harlem, but currently he is living in Los Angeles. His music is all about street rapping as he believes that is where he came from!

Eli*CBG has began his career from a young age and has shifted to creatively making songs. He has been gathering huge accolades for his songs on Soundcloud. The latest tracks are getting huge attention from listeners all across the world. The song – Fly Shit Ft. Matic, is rocking the arena while gathering huge number of followers.  All of his tracks have compelling beats with a flair for witty story-telling which is matched with underground rap circuit. To enjoy some of the positive music, listeners must head over to Soundcloud. Also, they can connect with him on the social media sites of Instagram and Twitter.

To listen the music of Eli*CBG, Please click here: https://soundcloud.com/elicbg


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