The Old and the New are Getting Together in Clade’s Songs

The Old and the New are Getting Together in Clade’s Songs

Hip hop has its own essence which keeps it apart from any other genre of this musical planet. Since its commencement, hip hop is considered to be an out of the track genre. The birth history of hip hop barred it from coming in the forefront. But it was a cultural movement, and history says you cannot stop the revolt – it has to spread ahead. Though it started with and around the black community, with time it soon got appreciation from all over the world. Other genres have hell and heaven difference from their birth to the recent time. But with hip hop, it is not so; the hip hop artists are developing this genre step by step. Soundcloud is now getting a buzz with the new generation hip hop artist Clade.

Clade was born and brought up at Pensacola in the United States. Hip hop and rap is in his blood. He has been doing this for quite some time now. The tracks he is making have a distinct character by which fans can easily set him apart from other hip hop artists. He blends the hip hop sounds of 1990s with the new trending hip hop sounds. He loves to mix the old with the new; that gives his songs a different flavor. His songs have the lyrical value which is both catchy and melodic. Just like every other hip hop tracks, the lyrics of his songs also spread some definite message which can influence the society. The instrumental uses in his songs are really appreciable.

Clade is an aspiring hip hop artist who is doing really well in the musical field. He has the aim of being known around the world for the music he is creating. He wants to make a difference by his creation.

Listen to Clade’s songs on his Soundcloud profile:



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