Upcoming Singer Elijahdee’s tracks are giving Hip Hop a creative approach

Upcoming Singer Elijahdee’s tracks are giving Hip Hop a creative approach

Hip hop has become the most popular genre around the world. This genre had struggled a lot to find a reputed place in the musical world. At the beginning, it was a cultural movement which held the hands of underrepresented black teenagers living in the South Bronx in late 1970s. Initially it became the voice of the black community. With globalization, it gathered a major part of pop culture; it was not centered around the black community only – it was accepted worldwide and became the most dominating genre of the music industry for the artistry it received and has been receiving for decades. Soundcloud has brought up the name Elijahdee, a rapper, in front of the whole world, who is making some stunning hip hop tracks.

Elijahdee is maintaining absolute creative freedom in his tracks. The lyrics of the songs mixed with flexible beats are just awe-inspiring. The hip hop tracks he is creating are not much different from the traditional tracks – he is continuing the age old trend of hip hop and rap. He knows how to make perfect fusion with eastern and western music which can lift your mood to another level and can give you the feeling of trance. Elijahdee gives the best instance of rapping filled with melodious harmony. His recent release “How could you” has the blend of all the above mentioned features. Hip hop with trance music is the unique feature of his tracks. The creative tracks have grabbed him hundreds of followers in a very short period of time. Listen to his amazing tracks on Soundcloud.

Elijahdee is aiming to portray the recent culture and societal values through his tracks. “Better Freestyle”, “Go get a bag” etc. are some examples of such tracks. Connect with him on Facebook -https://m.facebook.com/Elijahccr-510266585978987/ and Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/elijah.ynwa/.

Link with him through his Soundcloud profile and listen to his perplexing music tracks.  


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