“Dead Archetypez” incorporates powerful lyrics for fans on Soundcloud

“Dead Archetypez” incorporates powerful lyrics for fans on Soundcloud “Dead Archetypez” incorporates powerful lyrics for fans on Soundcloud

When it comes to conversations about our dark side, psychiatrist Carl Jung’s proposed theory comes into the forefront. He named it “the shadow” which is about all our bad qualities that we actively deny. In Soundcloud, the artist Jung $hadow is exactly expressing the same thoughts in his new song – “Dead Archetype”. He claims that everyone integrates their hidden dark power and it comes out often. This song is about our anti-social, aggressive or lustful instincts that are lurking deep inside us. The hip hop and rap song by Jung $hadow is making fans groove and connect with their deeper instincts.

The musical background of the song has a dark expression which is in beats. The artist, Jung $hadow offers great instrumentation with a touch of dark music in particularly all his songs. The ambiance of the song is trippy, which evokes an underlying mood and rhythm. If you enjoy dark music, you will like the pace and intensity of “Dead Archetype”. The influence of this song is huge which features numerous drops that remain same throughout the track. It has flawless creativity that is uplifting in every sort of way yet in bounds audiences to take a peek inside the darkness of their soul.

If you think your behavior is bothering your lifestyle, calm yourself down with Jung $hadow’s – “Dead Archetype”. This song has the potential to dominate your mind and help you live harmoniously with others. With skill and precision, Jung $hadow from New York offers interesting music to connect to his fans. He is already gaining popularity for his modern approach on hip hop and rap music. The realness of songs is worth listening at least once in your life. The genre of his music is mostly death rap, but that shouldn’t stop you from lending your ears to his music. Interested fans can listen to him on Soundcloud.

For listening this song, please visit this link : https://soundcloud.com/leehraines/dead-archetypez

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