Rabz hits SoundCloud with his wonderful song “Splash”

Rabz hits SoundCloud with his wonderful song “Splash”

Hip -hop is more than just a genre. Hip- hop has left its profound impact on the whole culture of the United States. The great hip -hop musician Rabz arrives on SoundCloud with his awesome album “Splash”. The rapturous element in the music will make you crave for him. The melodic structure and the nice tuning will give you a nice feel. His music is different from others and the album comprises of 6 songs.  Each of them is different in their own unique style. The great stylistic feature in the music will take away your breath. Rabz hails all the way from Long Island and works under Risky Business group.

He has done some other smashing hit songs that you will love to listen. The glorifying kind of feature will take away your breath. “Splash” has exquisite kind of music beats and the hot tune will amaze you. He always craved to become a great artist and now he is famous. The lyrics in every song of him will captivate your heart. He mainly focuses on life struggle, love and other important aspects of living. Many hip hop music stars generally give importance on rapping but Rabz has taken his song to a different height. The way he raps and the use of guitar riff and other important instrumental work will give you goosebump.

The prolific singer is shining on the site SoundCloud which is the spot for many music artists. Rabz too has gathered many fans over here and to some other popular sites. His heavy voice texture with the music goes well with the song. He is very inspiring for the youth of today as they love to listen to the sassy kind of beats. His creative expertise is now loved by a huge number of people. If you are planning to download the song “Splash”, visit SoundCloud.

For listening this song, please visit this link : https://soundcloud.com/rabz631/sets/splash69

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