Dre Priest’s “Selena” is all the way to rock Hip Hop on Soundcloud

Dre Priest’s “Selena” is all the way to rock Hip Hop on Soundcloud

The emergence of hip hop dates back to the fact of the upsurge of backward class in the USA. Throughout the decades, it has done exactly what its founders set out to do. It gave an accessible culture, relatable to any marginalized group, to the world. And it has decided to give away the same for years to come and won’t stop ever. Now we are on 22nd century, when hip hop and rap has become the ruler of the world. The rebel stepchild of pop culture is doing things in its own way. Dre Priest is contributing his talents in this genre to enhance it more. His fresh track “Selena” on Soundcloud, featuring K-DuBBs, is getting positive responses from the fans.

Dre Priest, aka Dee Andre Priest, was born and brought up in Louisville, KY. He achieved fame through his WorldStarHipHop premier. His music continuously received controversial opinions. His musical passion got disrupted due to certain circumstances. But it could not stop him. His confidence was built in the late 2016 and early 2017 and he again began to chase his dreams. This encouraged him to do his brand new track “Selena”, along with many other ones. He has tried to spread diverse concepts through his music. “Selena” has a mix of cultures ranging from hip hop, trap to glimpses of soul. The bass lines of this song are 16 pads. Dre Priest has concentrated on improving the beats of this song. The style of “Selena” comprises of hardcore punk, extreme metal etc. The lyrics, like any other hip hop track, tend to inspire the society. Tune into Dre Priest’s Soundcloud profile to listen to “Selena”.

Dre Priest regained his motivation to aspire the musical passion from his daughter. And after that there was no looking back. “Selena”, on Soundcloud, is the outcome of that only.

For listening this song, please visit this link : https://soundcloud.com/dre-babey-priest/selena-ft-k-dubbs-1

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