MikeNauti is creating buzz on Soundcloud for Hip Hop Genre

MikeNauti is creating buzz on Soundcloud for Hip Hop Genre MikeNauti is creating buzz on Soundcloud for Hip Hop Genre

Hip hop is a genre of style, be it for its historical value, for the rap, for its lyrical expressions or for its fashion. Just like a mother raises her child, the hip hop artists or rappers have raised this genre from a new born to the dominant genre of the world of music. The youth is more attracted towards this genre. Soundcloud is such a music sharing app which is giving opportunity to the aspiring youths to do something good in the musical world. MikeNauti is one those contributors of hip hop and rap who has become a craze via Soundcloud. His Soundcloud timeline is filled with some stunning hip hop and raps to entertain you.

The songs of MikeNauti are amongst the bests of hip hop to understand the genre perfectly. The essence of rhythm and beats won’t let you sit in one place. The hyper local and intimate experience of hip hop can be found in MikeNauti’s music. The passionate lyrics of his tracks will surely give you goose bumps. He has become one of the Soundcloud rulers in no time. You can totally yourself through his music; also he portrays the societal values and culture by his songs. The soulful mix of his tracks and refreshing production has made his music unique. All of his songs are receiving huge response on Soundcloud, such as “It’s a Lot”, “Ride”, and “YOUNG MAN”, “Low” etc.

 MikeNauti aka Michael Corleone has created a buzz around Manhattan. This young star is not only doing great in his own life but also inspiring others through his songs. His mind blowing composition and enthralling harmony of the songs are distinguishing him from others. The creativity and energy he puts in his songs will surely give you positive vibes. His musical venture on Soundcloud is really appreciable by the fans.


For listening this song, please visit this link : https://soundcloud.com/mikenauti

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