Ravishing Pop Princess Kendra Erika Drops "Sublime" on SoundCloud

Ravishing Pop Princess Kendra Erika Drops "Sublime" on SoundCloud Ravishing Pop Princess Kendra Erika Drops "Sublime" on SoundCloud Ravishing Pop Princess Kendra Erika Drops "Sublime" on SoundCloud

Ravishing deep house/pop singer Kendra Erika is releases her new dance music “Sublime” on SoundCloud. Listen to this enticing music piece to experience her aura. 

Kendra Erika, the melody princess from South Florida is creating a huge sensation with her excellence in pop and deep house music genres. Growing amidst the vibrant culture of the city, Erika’s music pieces are greatly influenced by her place of origin. The one quality that makes Erika stands out in the music arena is her dynamic approach to provide a cinematic experience with her music pieces. She is not only an epitome of beauty but her commitment to the art form makes her compatible with the top-ranked artist in the music industry. With her appearance in the biggest music sharing site, Soundcloud, Erika is attaining way more fame and making a special space in the hearts of every music nerds globally. Her recent track “Sublime” is an exhilarating track now streaming on SoundCloud. 

Erika’s passion for music developed at a very tender age when she realized that she wants to grow old and grey with music. Before being ranked on the Billboard as amongst the top singers in dance chartbusters, Erika’s melodious voice has been heard in numerous lounges and clubs where she started to gain impetus. With her exclusive singles “Oasis”, “Under My Skin”, “Miami Love” and a few more, Erika proved her perfection in the genres of deep house, EDM and dance as well as pop and deep house. The USP of this glamorous singer cum songwriter is that her voice is not only fit for contemporary music but also perfect for old melodies.

 “Sublime” is the hot new single written by Erika herself with co-lyricist Damon Sharpe. The track is produced by Damon and Eric Saicola. “Sublime” can be regarded as the best dance banger track that will command listeners to get on the dance floor. The track is a fusion between EDM, house and electronic music perfectly sung that will amaze listeners on SoundCloud.

To listen the music, Please click the following link: https://soundcloud.com/kendra-erika-1/sublime


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