Rehmlok Arts Announces Skyward Fantasy - PC & Mobile Role-Playing Game

October 30, 2017- Montreal, Canada – Skyward Fantasy is a hybrid role-playing game where choices you make affect the world around you. Set out for distant horizons as you discover the secrets behind the war of origins and battle fearsome monsters in turn based combat. 

Customize your characters beyond level 100 and rebuild a shattered world. Loot thousands of items and learn hundreds of abilities as you travel Ethiryon. Uncover the Tower of Truth in the post-game for hours of additional content.

About Rehmlok Arts

Rehmlok Games is a newly founded company for video games development by Ahmad Baidoun. He is a one-man army fascinated by role-playing and adventure games. Ahmad has been wanting to create role-playing adventures ever since he can remember. His love for story-telling and arts compelled Ahmad to play all sort of games to escape most of his life. He’s spent years learning and using software, what was a hobby grew into a passion Ahmad is creating Skyward Fantasy with RPG Maker MV and JavaScript for nearly two years now. With the support of a friend and the community we pushed the limits of the engine, making this game a possibility!

Ahmad has been working very hard on Skyward Fantasy, actively developing the game while he works a full time job. He never misses a day of progress and he is  highly determined to releasing this game. It is Ahmad’s gateway into indie game making and it's a dream he is devoted to making come true. Ahmad wants Skyward Fantasy to become an experience rather than a distraction. There is more to what Ahmad would love to accomplish with the final state of the game and we need your help!

To LEARN MORE or to help BACK their project, please visit:  

Ahmad Baidoun
Rehmlok Arts
Montreal, Canada


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