Path Of Exile Making With Specter Changes

We love the folks at Grinding Gear Games and feel that the changes they make to Path Of Exile the majority of the time and done with the best of intentions and to make the game a better experience for us all. Well despite none of the folks in the office really making use of Specters. We have heard the buzz from people on the Path Of Exile Reddit about some of the changes that have been made.

From changing chat channels to making it harder to people to get Specters. It seems like what was once a real specialized kind of way to play the game has become something of a chore. Not allowing specters to just sawn in any zone and having to resummons them in a specific zone if they should die seem to be some of the main issues people are having.

Using specters, when done right could give a player an insane advantage and make them feel like a really powerful badass, it made summoning a class that was a lot of fun to play and something many people put real time and effort into learning so they could make use of specter. You could argue that Grinding Gear Games never intended for specters to be as powerful as they are and that is why they made the changes, but we can see why summoners are upset about this.

We would love to know what your thoughts on the changes made to using specters are in the comments below and also be sure to hit up our POE Currency Hot Sale where you can buy Cheap Path Of Exile Orbs.

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