“CosmicLove & Dope Beats” is an unbelievable track by Marqesa on Soundcloud

“CosmicLove & Dope Beats” is an unbelievable track by Marqesa on Soundcloud “CosmicLove & Dope Beats” is an unbelievable track by Marqesa on Soundcloud

You daily work must tire you out. Therefore, if you want to release all your tension and pain you must listen to the transforming song, “CosmicLove & Dope Beats”. It is from the great DJ Marqesa. She is also known by the name Rebecca Stefani. You will feel refreshed after you listen to this healer kind of music. Her music has bright enigma that will go straight to your heart. Since love is food to life, she has tried to build this feeling throughout the music. This song has an extraordinary connection with earth that will help you to boost your mind. You will get her on the site Soundcloud.

The sonic beat, the sterilizing nature and the innovation in music has brought sudden change in the world of music. Marqesa’s music has sacred element that will make you easily connect with your inner self and beauty. She has tried to make her presence through her musical disposition. The lyrical foreplay of certain rhythms and her lyrics will take you to the lake of beauty. The soft poise and lover’s formal gesture is described in a passionate pattern throughout the music. She has displayed the panorama of pleasant functionality in her “CosmicLove & Dope Beats”.

She has passion for making music that compliments your yogic practices and put away all your pain. The California born out star has every detailed discussion of womanhood in all other songs of her. You will move while you listen to her music as it has that power to bring out the inner wildness. It is brought in art form that is lovely and purifying. Her creative genius is wow and you will love to listen to her “CosmicLove & Dope Beats”. If you want to get in touch with this thriving star you must visit Soundcloud. 


Please visit here to listen this song of Marqesa :  https://soundcloud.com/rebecca-stefani/cosmiclove-dope-beats

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