Vegas Forge Announces Upcoming Website Redesign for Easier Online Ordering

Vegas Forge, a leading producer of Damascus steel and Mokume Gane billets and rods, has just announced their upcoming website redesign. The redesign is focused primarily on improvements to the online store layout and functionality, and work is being completed by their longtime webmaster and partner NeONBRAND Digital Marketing.

The nature of Vegas Forge's business makes online retailing more complex than a majority of online stores. Each individual Damascus or Mokume Gane billet is handmade and entirely unique, not only in pattern, but also in finished size and weight. When knifemakers, gunsmiths, artisans, and other craftsmen seek Damascus steel for their projects, they most often want a rod or a billet in highly specific dimensions. In cases of bulk ordering, this isn't a problem, as mass production creates more uniform results and each bulk order is made to client specifications. Likewise, custom individual purchases are also relatively easy to handle, and physical sales are simple transactions. It's updating and maintaining an accurate online store that presents the problem. Each rod or billet that is offered for sale on the Vegas Forge website must be described carefully, as dimemsions and certain characteristics are unique to every single listing. These variations make it impossible to list simple product categories and prices, thus complicating the operation of online retail.

Currently, Vegas Forge offers a limited selection of Damascus and Mokume Gane online for individual purchase. The Forge also accepts custom orders, bulk ordering, and requests for specialized pieces of raw Damascus in different shapes, sizes, and styles to suit client needs. With the planned website upgrade, online ordering will be greatly simplified. Individual pieces listed for sale will be organized by pattern and type, and instead of browsing through every billet or rod in current inventory, shoppers will simply view the available sizes for each pattern and style. With this more user-friendly system, Vegas Forge expects to offer more variety and volume in their online selection.

The growth of Vegas Forge's online retailing business indicates a growing interest in artisan Damascus steel among the general populace of craftsmen and makers. Home blacksmithing and metalcraft are becoming increasingly popular, and as hobbyists become more sophisticated in their skills and tastes, the demand for high quality Damascus and Mokume Gane continues to rise. These market trends are interesting, and they may be indicative of a Millennial interest in more durable types of products with longevity and relevance. In any case, for Vegas Forge, the increase in individual ordering means a change in the traditional wholesale model that dominates the industry, and may lead to more end-consumer friendly products in the near future.

To contact Vegas Forge:

Jesse Harber
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