Listen To Zouhloo125 To Enjoy Creatively Mixed Songs On Soundcloud

Listen To Zouhloo125 To Enjoy Creatively Mixed Songs On Soundcloud

Zouhloo125 is a Miami based hip hop artist and rapper. The music offers a detailed account of his experiences and concepts that leads to storytelling. There are loads of lyricism and verses that has an echoed melody that is used to express the character in all the tracks. Zouhloo125’s sounds showcase his creativity and freestyle of music which is absolutely smooth. The musicality of each of the piece has been fully utilized and the music is controlled. It is the key to his complete art when making a superb piece. Also, one can lose themselves in the superb sounds available in all his songs.

There is a special kind of unity involved in all his songs. Be it the developing lyrics or the superb vocal performances – it reflects incredibly well. The ideas and music goes hand-in-hand and makes for a captivating and interesting experience for the listeners. Zouhloo125 takes full advantage of every sound to play it in an amazing way. The song strikes as deeply personal and it is without a doubt one of its kind. The artist considers his audiences as supreme and strives to hold onto their attention. So, he makes the kind of hip hop music that is easy yet captivating.

The elements used in all the songs are reflective and honest with rhythmic tones. The instrumentation can be termed as groovy. The songs are magnetic and can hook audiences for a long time. The verses have extended rap yet filled with melody that adds an edge to the music. To enjoy a musical extravaganza, listen to songs, like – “Ready 4 War”, “Was Down Bad”, “Faded Off Mollyz”, “Stackin Up Commas”, “Niggaz Ain Real”, “Promise” and “Addicted”. These songs have gathered a good plays count along with followers, likes and downloads. Interested fans can connect with him on Facebook.

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