Rising Superstar Ject North Releases Bunch of Hip Hop and rap Tracks on SoundCloud

Rising Superstar Ject North Releases Bunch of Hip Hop and rap Tracks on SoundCloud

Music world is witnessing heights of creativity with new artist cum songwriter Ject North who has dropped some amazing singles on SoundCloud. Amongst many music genres, hip hop and rap music is one of the most innovative genres that has witnessed huge transition since its origin. The genre has gained fresh approach with up and coming singers, composers and rappers whose compositions are available for streaming on SoundCloud. The throbbing beats and catchy hook powered with incredible use of instruments, claps and snaps are the trademark elements of the genre. Other than being the core element of parties and celebration, hip hop and rap has unfolds the dark, vicious messages through lyrical rapping.  One new artist who can be called a perfect representative of both old school and new wave hip hop is Ject North whose tracks are now out on SoundCloud.

Ject North is all set to spread fire with his tracks released by Forever North Records. The significant quality that makes him the star of today is his innovative ways to craft hip hop with his personalized touches. To begin with, his debut track “Ten Toes Down” focuses on his appealing voice and powerful rapping style. His sense of blending music is truly awesome. It has melody, funk and energy. Some other tracks that have established his craze are “FBH (PROJECT), “Pain”, a heart melting track powered with captivating music and rap narration. The track “Str8 Frm The Bottom” is a collaborative attempt between project Northking aka Ject and Soe Mousey, famous artist from West Baltimore.

Ject North’s ingle “Banned From television” is a bizarre composition pumped with zesty music and flawless rap. The track reveals his experimental approach of free styling hip hop in a creative manner. The latest single “We Ball” is a melodious blend between soothing music and hard hitting rap. Enjoy the tracks on SoundCloud. 

For listening this song, please visit this link : https://soundcloud.com/jectnorth

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