WooliebuGGer’s Defining "Constant Evolution parts 1 & 2" is on SoundCloud

WooliebuGGer’s Defining "Constant Evolution parts 1 & 2" is on SoundCloud WooliebuGGer’s Defining "Constant Evolution parts 1 & 2" is on SoundCloud

WooliebuGGer is the new and talented artist on the best site SoundCloud. His exceptional music “Constant Evolution parts 1 & 2” will heal your soul and mind both. 

WooliebuGGer is an American born EDM composer who is known for popularizing electronic music and taking it to different level. He has experimented with his music and it has given him extra layer. He started making music from the age of 14 and now he has come up with fresher beat. Each song he develops turn into an extraordinary one. WooliebuGGer is a composer, instrumentalist and producer. He is famous by now all over the world. And he is taking his music composition to different level which will amaze you and you will wonder for the type of music he creates. 

He generally builds 90’s kind of vibe in his musicality and the immense usage of the instrumentation will take away your breath. He has got his influence of song making from Brian Eno, Pink Floyd and some other musical father. Electronic music generally has the powerful rapid flow and the current it gives is nice. If you want to catch this star you must tune into SoundCloud. “Constant Evolution parts 1 & 2” will amaze you with the distinctive style of music. The nice establishment of rapid growth will make you happy. The stunning lyricism and the magnificent hypnotic tune are amusing. The constant use of the exhilarating rhythm will inspire you like anything else.  

WooliebuGGer’s undoubted vigor and approach to life has given him some inspiration. Once you listen to him you just can’t forget him. The stormy layered and structured form will magnetize your nerves and body both. His great exploration has enabled him to get more fans and it will create fire upon you. The stunning kind of electric music will transform your soul like anything else. It goes straight to your heart and goes deep into your mind. If you want to have fun you must go to SoundCloud. 

To listen the music, Please click the following link: https://soundcloud.com/eric-holub/xotik-parts-1-and-2

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