1st Place Poe’t Gathering Huge Response for “BlackLoveAlbum EP”

1st Place Poe’t Gathering Huge Response for “BlackLoveAlbum EP” 1st Place Poe’t Gathering Huge Response for “BlackLoveAlbum EP”

1st Place Poe’t, who is also known as The Inebriated Writer, has developed good fan base in soundcloud. Recently, this artist has released a new music album named as “BlackLoveAlbum EP”. In this album, the singer has incorporated many masterpieces based on hip hop and rap genre. Here, the singer has illustrated his opinion of the color black. The listeners can get a touch of humanity in 1st Place Poe’t’s voice. The album is meant to throw away all sorts of false ideology about black color. It represents how black is a unique color and it showcases beauty, strength and goodness.

His music is motion pictured and he is eager to entertain his audiences with back-to-back new tracks. No wonder, 1st Place Poe’t will soon win over his online competitors in soundcloud. His magical voice draws in the attention of many other listeners in this music streaming site. His music is clearly painted with harmonious melodies. 1st Place Poe’t has received inspiration from some famous name and they are - 3 Stacks, K Lamar, and Prince. Well, this artist is self-content for composing new songs. His unique beats make him different from other musicians in soundcloud. His message that he delivers through music is for those who consists of the same mentality and opinion like him. His music album is getting viral amongst the worldwide audiences as well.

1st Place Poe’t is poetically melodic and has won thousands hearts till today. This independent artist wishes to achieve his desired success in the music industry. “BlackLoveAlbum EP” consists of seven excellent tracks. The songs have unmatchable beats as well. Fans are waiting for more new tracks of 1st Place Poe’t. You can now get connected to this artist in facebook, twitter and instagram. Also, you can download his music from www.1splacemusic.com. Stay in touch to experience wonderful musicality. 

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