And Now - Phase’s New Musicality in Soundcloud is Worth Praising

Music enthusiasts must listen to “And Now” – the new hip hop music of popular artist Phase Presley.  Now, apart from soundcloud, you can also get PHASE in instagram.

Phase Presley has released a new music named as “And Now”. This is an incredible piece of music that has attracted loads of listeners from all around the world. The emotion, feelings, builds up and choices have made us go crazy with this young artist PHASE. No wonder, this young musician will soon become the superstar of soundcloud. Listeners, who love to hear hip hop music, must be a fan of Phase Presley. Recently, his music “And Now” has gathered loads of fans and followers in the basket. Well, this artist expects this number to grow further in near future. The music reflects the originality of hip hop music. PHASE has a true sense of rap and hip hop. Therefore, he knows how to mix these both genres in a single track.

If you are already a diehard fan of PHASE, you must listen to his recent song. “And Now” represents the unwavering passion of the singer. His rhythm-verse combination will make you engage for hours. You are going to love the beats at the end of each line. PHASE has represented an amazing lyrical prowess in “And Now”. Through this music PHASE delivers incomparable journey in form of rhythm, verse, break downs and build ups. Though PHASE has recently started uploading his songs to soundcloud, he has already become a popular name here. While producing “And Now”, PHASE has teamed up with another popular artist Yung Bizzle. With the collaboration of these two artist, “And Now” has touched the success.

Well, this risings star thinks that life has a motion and every day of your life is a blessing. Hence, he wants to live his life at his own will. PHASE is really an inspiration for new musicians. No matter how your mood is, if hip hop really excites you, then you must listen to PHASE in soundcloud.

Soundcloud : Presley 714/yung-bizzle-x-Phase Presley -and-now-prodtalvoondatrack

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